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Why Choose Us

Always highly selected Quality Coffee, everywhere you are.
We are there with you – in every corner of the world.
ORO CAFFÈ quality goes beyond the harmonious aroma and rich taste of our Coffee blends. It is also reflected in the attention to the requirements of our Clients, before and after sales.
Our network of agents and distributors, both in Italy and internationally, provides an unmatched supply service that safeguards the Quality of the Coffee.

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ORO CAFFÈ has been the Artisan Coffee Roasting Company trusted by the best Cafés and Restaurants in North-Eastern Italy since 1987.
ORO CAFFÈ features a range of more than 10 distinct blends of Espresso Coffee Beans, specifically developed for the HO.RE.CA. sector, carefully selected and sourced from the world’s finest 100% Arabica and Robusta Coffees.

Our Coffee Bean blends and 100% Arabica coffees from our roasting house are created to satisfy the most demanding and expert palates in terms of the aroma of Espresso.
For example, the 100% Arabica Rose and 100% Arabica Jasmine, both sophisticated and distinctly aromatic, are part of the most distinctive selection of Arabica.

Discover the complete range of ORO Caffè products here.


One of the ORO CAFFÈ roasting company’s most valuable assets is providing training for the sales force and technicians belonging to the company’s in-house workshop, who are always willing to provide technical advice.
Furthermore, at the company headquarters in Tavagnacco, in the province of Udine, groups of international customers are always welcomed for training in the classrooms of the Oro Caffè Academy under the expert guidance of the ORO CAFFÈ Coffee Trainer.

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ORO CAFFÈ carries an exclusive range of Professional and Automatic Coffee Machines designed to satisfy all the requirements of Baristas and we are also suppliers of the very best Coffee Bean Grinders for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.

All the automatic Coffee Machines, with or without a lever, as well as all the required additional equipment, are available to our café and restaurant clients.

BREAKING NEWS – From 2023 ORO CAFFÈ will start producing its own line of Coffee Machines designed for Cafés and Establishments that are searching for a true partner of Espresso. A line of high-performance, eye-catching and extremely reliable machines.
Three models with three distinct personalities.
In the Momento model, which is more technological and allows excellent yields, there are two push-button panels above the groups featuring touch controls, back-lit and with remote control.
The Barista model, a classic two-group professional machine with high yields, is available in an electronic version with traditional push-buttons, or a semi-automatic version with an on/off button.
The Top59 series features an elegant, timeless design in a slightly vintage style. Ideal for compact spaces, high-profile establishments and cafés in search of the perfect machine to serve an excellent espresso.
Top59 machines incorporate the highest standards of design: a fully coated stainless steel framework, an extensive cup tray, refined wooden group handles, as well as the guarantee of reduced power consumption. Additionally, Top59 Compact offers the possibility of using the market’s most compact two-group machine, but without sacrificing excellent performance and quality.

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ORO CAFFÈ provides a wide range of complimentary products and Merchandising. From the brand new and stylish line of logo cups paired with saucers featuring an embossed coffee bean, to customised sugar and sweetener packs, and also truffle almonds used to compliment the Coffee and much more.
You can complete your supply with the appropriate point-of-sale/café advertising.
New sales media such as counter signs, panels, canvasses, customised clocks and much more are allocated on a regular basis.

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