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Wholesale Coffee Supplier

When selling premium-quality coffee blends that are roasted with care, there’s no better option than carefully sourced coffee beans from wholesale suppliers. That’s why countless businesses around the world turn to us at ORO Caffè – we take the Italian coffee experience seriously and then enable your customers to experience it for themselves! Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, a retailer selling the finest foods and make-at-home beverage products, or otherwise, we would be delighted to work with you, harnessing decades of experience as one of the most trusted and renowned commercial coffee suppliers around the world.

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A Quality-First Wholesale Coffee Bean Supplier

What is it that draws businesses to ORO Caffè? It’s our passion for the product, not to mention a wide selection of blend options. Our quality path – a commitment to excellence and a truly authentic Italian coffee bar experience with every cup – enables for a premium wholesale solution that many of our clients count on. There’s nothing else quite like it!

The Finest Hand-Selected Beans

The quality path is achieved through a precise attention to detail in every step of every bean’s journey. They’re first sourced from select regions around the globe and chosen with care. The origin and subsequent quality of a blend is what makes all the difference, which is why we take the research and selection phase seriously. Therefore, our wholesale coffee beans originate from countries including Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia and Colombia for Arabica, along with Vietnam and India for Robusta. Every bean is handpicked, and there’s plenty of tasting tests along the way to ensure a consistently premium coffee experience for your customers!

Artisanal Roasting

Next up is the roasting phase, which we’ve refined over many decades and treat as an art form. As a result, every cup of ORO Caffè coffee is a masterpiece with just the right aroma, strength, acidity and, of course, flavour. This is the result of our specialized roasting process, harnesses the maximum potential of every bean.

Mixing for the Perfect Blend

In addition, as a wholesale customer, you deserve to have plenty of options to choose from – one blend, no matter how excellent it is, simply isn’t enough! There’s no need to limit your customers’ choices when searching for a coffee bean supplier if they have plenty of choices available, and that’s why many businesses turn to ORO Caffè. Thanks to our carefully managed mixing processes, we produce incredible blends by combining specific, separately roasted types of coffee. From cappuccinos to full-bodied espressos and more, it’s how we’re able to offer a wide variety of options to commercial customers worldwide.


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Roasted Coffee Beans | Oro Caffè

A Trusted Commercial Coffee Supplier

When we’re your coffee bean supplier, the ORO Caffè experience isn’t limited to our products themselves – it also translates to best-in-class service! Placing an order through us is quick, convenient, and easy. Should you need to make adjustments prior to shipping, we’re happy to assist with friendly support that puts your needs first as a commercial client.   

That’s not all, either. In addition to our wholesale coffee options, we also sell a wide range of other products including capsules and pods, chocolate, and fine organic teas as well as infusions. And, if you’re in need of the right tools for the job, discover our wide range of coffee machines and equipment . These are ideal for taking your customers’ Italian coffee experience to the next level! In fact, we can even provide maintenance and repair assistance , among other services including specialized barista training. With all these capabilities, we’re able to go above and beyond for everyone who orders through us, yet another reason why we’re proudly one of the most trusted commercial coffee suppliers.


Bulk Coffee Solutions

Of course, your business is experienced when it comes to carry bulk products, allowing you a network of industries that can benefit from the exceptional coffee products we offer. Whether your customers need to make their menu more exciting or elevate the hospitality experience for guests, we’re able to deliver bulk wholesale solutions to a wide variety of applications. Businesses of all sizes regularly order from us including those of the following types:

Cafés and Restaurants 

Whether opening for soothing, relaxing breakfasts by the sea in a tourist hotspot or prepping for that next elegant dinner service in the heart of a major city, your client’s business deserves the finest coffee beans possible. With ORO Caffè bulk orders, that’s exactly what you get, and you can provide pricing that’s ideal for even the most modest and coziest of cafés. With a wide array of blend options readily available, it’s possible for any restaurant or café to create a whole new, inspiring menu that is sure to tempt customers. Take the iconic Italian bar experience and have them apply it to their operations – we’re sure that it will wow their regulars and newcomers to their establishment, all while pairing beautifully with the food and/or baked goods menu.

Grocery and Retail

Why limit truly great espressos to over-the-counter operations? What if regular customers at a local retail location or grocery store want to take the experience home with them? We’re here to make that happen! Our full bag blends come in bulk and are ideal for at-home enjoyment, and we offer several exceptional varieties to suit every preference. Stores can demonstrate to their shoppers that their business appreciates quality coffee beans as much as we do – it just might tempt some locals to switch to a new store from a competitor!


Set teams up for success by providing them with more than cheap, low-quality and mass-produced beans. It’s time to deliver a better experience and make break time something to look forward to. Imagine how it will feel to unwind with a fresh, aromatic, and delicious cup of premium-grade coffee, the perfect way to reenergize, contemplate, and enjoy some well-earned time away from the desk. Once your client’s office switches to ORO Caffè, they won’t want to go back to what they had before!


Regardless of whether your distribution customers operate a simple motel, a five-star hotel complex, a casino, cigar lounge, spa or otherwise, they can ensure their guests feel well tended to and that they have a premium experience. Our bulk orders can turn the simplest of gestures – the ever-popular coffee station found in everything from suites to check-in areas – into something magical for every visitor. It’s the little details that count, and a high-quality, unforgettable cup of espresso to start their day off right is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is a great way to elevate the guest experience, and hopefully business owners don’t forget to let their hardworking staff enjoy the experience as well! 

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Grani di Caffè appena tostati e ancora caldi tenuti in mano | Oro Caffè

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re proud to ship our products around the world to 42 countries. Depending on where you order from, our office deals with customs, provides certificates of origin and all the documentation needed to export our products to you. We deal with many transporters to find the best shipping options to our clients. We’ll be sure to provide you with all the necessary details regarding your wholesale order as it is prepared for shipment. Please also note that delivery timeframes and shipping costs will vary.

If you operate an organization that can import our products, or work with customs if you are located outside Europe, we can help with your wholesale coffee needs. Your business should have a network to promote and market our Italian-style coffees and be able to deliver it to your distribution customers. Simply reach out to us to discuss your needs or for more information on our wholesale options. We’ll be glad to arrange for a solution that works for you!

The wholesale process is remarkably straightforward, ideal for newcomers as well as those familiar with how it works. Simply get in touch with us, and then we can go over the ordering needs of your business together.

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