What is Private Label Coffee? A Complete Guide

What is Private Label Coffee? A Complete Guide

An insurgence of artisanal, quality products lining grocery store shelves and popping up in your local shops is no coincidence. Over the past five years, consumers have verged away from corporate-owned brands in search of items that better align with their values and taste buds. Coffee is no different. Through exceptional roasting techniques and the ability to offer customers unique flavor profiles, brands have turned to private label coffee to best serve their needs. 

At ORO Caffè, our roasting methods are steeped in tradition with hints of innovation, allowing us the expertise to provide a transcendent experience when it comes to coffee. Let’s dive into exactly what is private label coffee and how it relates to our business. 

What is Private Label Coffee?

Coffee roasters have unique partnerships with various markets within their industry. For example, these companies’ connections to farmers are coveted thanks to the exceptional coffee beans they grow. After receiving robusta and arabica beans, they can be roasted in many unique ways to properly bring out desired olfactories and flavors. Rather than keep them all for the roaster’s purposes, they may work with brands and companies interested in selling their own beans but who don’t have the proper equipment or connections. These clients’ coffee beans are unique formulas roasted in one facility and then shipped to another for packaging, marketing, and sale under that specific brand’s name. 

What’s the Difference Between Private Label and White Label Coffee?

When considering private label versus white label coffee for your business, it boils down to preference. While private label coffee is unique to one specific client or brand, white label coffee is a more generic version that follows a similar distribution method. 

A roaster may have a set amount of beans that they develop and sell to many different clients without availability for input or any changes to be made. They can still be sold under the client’s unique branding, but other clients will have the same product. You may also see a note somewhere on the packaging, remarking that “this product is brought to you by….” 

This is known as white label coffee. Private label beans are made exclusively for one client and cannot be sold to others nor under the roaster’s name or brand. 

Is Private Label Coffee Worth it?

Many clients prefer to work with roasters who offer private label as it sets them apart in the market. Not only will the product be backed by the expertise of a world-class roaster, but brands can also add their own unique essence to the beans that best reflects their business. It is best you work closely with the roaster to gain their insights to help ensure the creation of an exceptional product.

Where Can I Find a Private Label Coffee Supplier?

At ORO Caffè, we are proud to be the private label coffee supplier for a wide range of clients. From the olfactories to the crema, we think of everything when roasting the perfect bean for an ideal cup of coffee. Our Italian-focused roasting style is reminiscent of bars in Italy, making our beans a premium product you can feel proud to put your label on. We will work with you to create something unique and special for your brand. We can also offer our expertise when it comes to packaging needs. 

Our origins in coffee run deep. Since 1987, we have traditionally roasted our beans and expanded to serve customers worldwide. Whether at a corner coffee shop or straight from the drip pot in your kitchen, we transport you to a cafe experience at any time of day. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today!

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