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The ORO CAFFÈ selection is so extensive that it provides its customers with freedom of choice with the following types of Roasted Coffee Bean Blends, in 1 kilogram packages:

  • 100% Arabica Rose, a sophisticated and aromatic premium blend;
  • Doi Chaang, a fine fairtrade blend, which is delicately spicy;
  • Premium, the signature ORO CAFFÈ blend, which is sweet and perfectly balanced;
  • Espresso, a blend with strong flavour and a creamy finish in the cup;
  • Cremoso, a blend featuring dense crema and a caramel aftertaste;
  • Italian Style, a blend with a strong, creamy taste.

On the other hand, the 500-gram Coffee Bean Blends are as follows:

  • 100% Arabica Jasmine, a pure Arabica with refined notes of jasmine;
  • Prezioso, a sweet and balanced blend;
  • Organic, a blend of organic coffees with hints of almond and chocolate;
  • Intenso, a strong blend with notes of hazelnut;
  • Springtime Decaffeinated, a blend of fresh and light caffeine-free coffee.


Monorigine 100% Arabica | Oro Caffè

ORO CAFFÈ has a selected range of 100% Arabica Single-origin coffees in beans, also called Specialty Coffees, which provide a unique experience of pleasure.
These are unique Coffees, which are always very diverse one from the other, and that have such a personality in the cup that it is impossible not to appreciate each and every one of them.
The following Single-origin varieties belong to this selection:

  • Brazil 100% Arabica, sweet with notes of almond;
  • Peru 100% Arabica, notes of malt and caramel;
  • El Jaguar Guatemala 100% Arabica, notes of white flowers and macadamia;
  • Ethiopia 100% Arabica, notes of citrus and flowers;
  • Mantiqueira 100% Arabica, notes of citrus and dark chocolate;
  • Colombia Pink Bourbon 100% Arabica, notes of citrus and wild berries;
  • Panama Geisha 100% Arabica, one of the best coffees in the world, which reveals notes of berries with a tendency towards redcurrants.


In addition to high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, ORO CAFFÈ offers excellent complementary products.

Caffè Specialty monorigine 100% Arabica | Oro Caffè
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ORO CAFFÈ Freeze is a cold-pressed 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil, exceptionally sweet and thirst-quenching, which is tapped into an elegant personalised half-pint glass to provide a new and refreshing taste experience.
ORO CAFFE’ Freeze is Coffee brewed from beans sourced from the finest plantations in the highlands of Mina Gerais, in Brazil; it is a completely natural beverage, consisting only of coffee and water, and therefore without added sugar, gluten or preservatives.
This new product will also be very easy to pour, thanks to the free rental of a tap machine which can be installed in your Café by simply plugging into an electrical outlet.

Cold Coffee is supplied in a convenient 3-litre “bag in box” that can be used to deliver up to 15 servings.
To complete the product package, in addition to all the supporting marketing material, there are specially customised glass cups.
A unique recipe book was also created, in which clients are given recommendations on how to use Cold Coffee in a variety of combinations. For instance, Freeze Cappuccino, made with cold milk foam, Freeze Irish Coffee, or even the unique Freeze salted caramel, which features an original sweet/salty taste that perfectly matches a pure Arabica.

Caffè Freddo Freeze | Oro Caffè

ORO CAFFÈ offers a wide selection of Teas and Infusions, including high-quality Organic specialities, which include an endless range of flavours and aromas. They are housed in biodegradable, pyramid-shaped tea bags that enhance the infusion experience. From delicate green tea to intense black tea, from a digestive infusion to refreshing mint tea, there are 9 different flavours of ORO CAFFÈ teas and infusions, 6 of which are from Organic sources. In this selection, there is everything to satisfy the tastes and desires of even the most demanding customers. Here is the complete list:

  • Organic Earl Grey tea;
  • Breakfast black tea;
  • Rooibos Copacabana tea;
  • Organic green tea;
  • Moresco mint tea;
  • Organic ginger lemon
  • Green tea;
  • Digest infusion;
  • Organic Forest infusion;
  • Organic Chamomile infusion.

    Composizione con i tè e le Tisane Bio | Oro Caffè
Barley and Ginseng Coffee are two more complementary products that ORO CAFFÈ selects and supplies to its Barista Clients to provide them with a more comprehensive range of possibilities.

The selection is completed with two seasonal products:
Crema Caffè is an excellent alternative to espresso during the summer season, with a very creamy body and delicate coffee flavour.
Hot Chocolate for the winter season, a premium base mix for the swift preparation of creamy hot chocolates.


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