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Private Label Coffee

Interested in finding a way to help your own coffee brand stand out, all while making use of the best-roasted beans in the world? Delivering the ever-iconic Italian coffee bar experience to your customers is now entirely possible with our private label solutions here at ORO Caffè. With the help and dedication of our professional team, over thirty years of premium roasting experience, and a passion for the best possible coffee experience, we’re able to turn your branding dreams into a reality.

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Trusted Private Label Coffee Roasters

ORO Caffè is well-regarded around the world as a premium-grade roastery. Our love of true Italian-style coffee bar experiences, along with a passion for making them available to your customers in the form of our products, satisfy countless coffee enthusiasts in a variety of cities and countries. Our quality path is a fundamental component of the success we’ve experienced over the years – success that can be passed along to you by placing your branding on our highly sought-after beans.

Hand-Selected, Carefully Sourced Beans

The quality path we speak of is something that we know our private label clients take very seriously, as do we. It’s why the ORO Caffè name is so well known and, with us being one of the most trusted white label coffee suppliers, yours can be displayed on these products prominently.

Our quality path begins with the research and careful selection of the beans themselves. These are sourced from growing regions made famous by their quality including Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, and Colombia for our Arabica beans. Robusta beans, meanwhile, are sourced from Vietnam and India. With every bean being handpicked, you know that you’re getting the exceptional cup, every time, that ORO Caffè is known for. This is important when it comes to positioning your brand as one that sells premium-grade products, ensuring that customers know they’re getting the finest coffee-drinking experience. 

A Special Roasting Process

Of course, in order to maximize the potential of every bean we supply you with, it needs to be roasted evenly and consistently to achieve perfection. This helps to bring out the aroma, taste, acidity, and overall balance of every cup to ensure it meets your expectations, ours, and those of your own customers. This is made possible by our specialized roasting process to ensure the best possible results. 

Mixing and Sampling to Create Your Unique Blend

ORO Caffè is widely known for our ability to mix separately roasted, premium-grade Arabica and Robusta beans to produce a wide range of blends. Our sampling and mixing processes are thorough, taking every element of a coffee drinker’s experience with a product into account. Our commitment to ensuring every blend exceeds expectations extends to our private label services. Whether you’re keen on selling espresso blends or other specialty coffees, we’re excited to work with you to realize your vision. 

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Custom Coffee Blends

Of course, why should there be limits on what you can create as a brand? We believe in the power of choice, sharing coffee culture through incredible new experiences for enthusiasts – including your own customers! As a result, we’re able to help you create a custom coffee blend, ensuring that what you sell is something truly unique and special. Through a process of discussing your espresso interests and product needs with our team, scheduled tastings and plenty of experimentation, we’ll be able to come up with a custom coffee blend that is the perfect fit for your business.


Private Label Packaging Support

Our approach to private label services here at ORO Caffè is a little more unique. The process begins by getting in touch with us to request the service. At this point, we’ll work closely with you and your schedule to organize a tasting session. These are crucial in that they will help you to narrow down blend combinations and roasts to determine which you would like to sell under your branding. Try as many as you like, and don’t hesitate to discuss your preferences with our roasting experts! 

After deciding on the special blend in question, we then provide support to help you decide on how the packaging will look. For the fastest and most efficient packaging development services possible, we recommend sending over your executive files to help our team finalize its overall appearance.

Please note that we do not handle branding or logo changes, imagery, or marketing strategies for your company – our focus is purely on the packaging itself as well as the carefully sourced coffee beans it contains!

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As evidenced by our quality path mentioned earlier, we take coffee sourcing, bean selection, roasting, blending, and distribution very seriously. Your experience as a private label client should be as smooth as a cup of one of our fine espressos! Our own story is one of refined excellence, achieved over decades of dedication to the art of coffee roasting. 

ORO Caffè started out back in 1987, located in a small roasting and tasting facility situated in Feletto Umberto, Udine, Italy. We’ve enjoyed many milestone moments over the years including the opening of our beautiful headquarters in 2009, the opening of a Canadian branch in 2014 and a German one in 2019, the development of our ADORO ORO CAFÉ chain and, most recently, our large -scale distribution achievements. Over the decades, our mission and vision have remained the same: to provide the finest coffee beans while spreading coffee knowledge. 

Why are these important achievements relevant to our private label clients? Well, it’s because we’re committed to quality, promoting coffee culture, and utmost satisfaction. Combined with our legacy of roasting and blending, and you have a winning formula for your own brand’s products made using our beans. This is, as a result, a chance for you to become a part of our story while we become a part of yours!



There are several important reasons why ORO Caffè clients, including those who utilize our private label services, count on our team. These include the following and more:


We proudly source and hand-select our beans from countries of origin known for their exquisite coffee growing capabilities. Through decades of experience, we have perfected a roasting and blending process that sets us apart from the rest, allowing us to offer a variety of blends that are sure to impress any and all coffee drinkers. 

Passionate About Coffee Culture

We love to share our knowledge of the finest blends, make recommendations based on your needs as a client – ​​and the needs of your customers – and much more. Reach out to us to get started!

Best-in-Class Support

Our reliable export service is unparalleled, allowing us to ship our unique products seamlessly to countries around the world. As a result, our support team is always ready to help find solutions for your business. 

Quality Driven

From cappuccinos to full-bodied espressos and everything in between, we ensure that every sip of ORO Caffè coffee is magical, soothing, and enjoyable. It’s the true Italian coffee bar experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When working with white label coffee suppliers like ORO Caffè, the process of creating your own private label products is easy. We’re able to organise tastings and discuss your preferences with you, narrowing down blend options while also answering any questions you may have along the way. Afterwards, ideally upon providing us with the relevant files for your branding, we then finalise the overall packaging design before sending out the order. Shipments can be optimized to suit your packaging and distribution setup, making us ideal for businesses of all sizes.  

You can select from a variety of different bulk sizes, including one kilogram coffee beans, 500 and 250 grams of ground coffee, Nespresso compatible capsules, and Lavazza EP capsules. We’re passionate about ensuring an assortment of different, high-quality product options that you’ll be proud to have your name on.

Absolutely. ORO Caffè is world-renowned for our roasting process, which is a crucial part of our well-known quality path. This, along with our blending capabilities and coffee culture knowledge, are what make us an experienced and worthwhile choice for private label services. The beans we roast and package for you will are among the most premium, sourced with care and precision from select regions around the world.

Our branding process focuses on the packaging design and, more importantly, sampling and combining blends to ensure that you get the product that you expect. We don’t handle brand designs, imagery, or marketing campaigns.

Yes, however this amount differs based on the kind of product you need, whether your business would prefer to stock capsules or buy beans by the kilogram. For more information on minimum orders, please contact us and we can help to answer further questions.

Yes, we can! As long as you have a packaging and distribution system set up, we can ship your order to it. That means, even for larger operations responsible for a chain of locations, you can apply your private label branding to the special blend created in collaboration with our team. For more details, please reach out to us – we’re happy to help!

National regulations of labelling differ depending on the place of sale. In general, ORO Caffè is named on the packaging in a discreet manner as the supplier of the coffee. If you want to know labelling specifics for your location, please get in touch with us.

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