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How to Choose the Best Wholesale Coffee Bean Supplier

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Coffee Bean Supplier

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Coffee Bean Supplier | Oro Caffè

The aromas and taste that arise from the perfect cup of coffee is an experience that is nearly impossible to replicate. It’s something that draws customers in, a special touch that makes all the difference when they choose your business. With the right wholesale coffee beans, you can provide this unique experience to your customers every time they choose to enjoy your coffee.

Depending on the amount of this iconic hot beverage you have enjoyed in your lifetime, you might be familiar with the fact that not all coffee is created equally. Certain details highlighted in a perfectly brewed cup come from quality products, experienced roasting, and exceptional blending techniques that make it shine. 

Searching for the best wholesale coffee beans for your company? Or on the lookout for coffee suppliers for small businesses?  Read on to discover how to choose the best brand for your business’ needs.

Types of Beans

Two main types of seeds are used to create coffee beans. These are arabica and robusta beans, and both come from the coffee plant. Each bean has unique growing conditions, cleaning processes, and flavor profiles associated with it.

Typically, arabica beans are found throughout Latin America, with Brazil being the top exporter. The beans originated in Ethiopia and must be grown at a certain altitude. They are the world’s most popular type of coffee bean, known for having a lower caffeine content and smooth, sweet taste. 

Robusta beans are slightly harder to cultivate, resulting in fewer yields annually and making it a slightly rarer crop. These beans can also be grown in the same regions as arabica as well as throughout certain parts of Africa and Asia. Their flavor tends to be on the earthier side with a stronger taste.

While capable of standing out all on their own, some roasters will blend both types of beans to curate a distinctive blend that many coffee drinkers love. However, beans are always roasted separately to ensure they bring out the proper oils for the crema and olfactories in the nose.

What’s the Roasting Process?

After coffee beans are harvested, they must undergo a roasting process to highlight their unique flavor profiles to become the drink that is known and loved. This method is customized to suit each roaster and, at ORO Caffè, we have been perfecting our technique since 1987. We select the finest beans from regions across the world and roast them in the tradition of our Italian heritage through a slow and complete cycle before blending them, achieving the perfect balance.

To choose the right roast for your wholesale coffee beans, you’ll need to consider the type of beverages you’ll be serving. Light roasts tend to be more acidic and mellow in flavor, and are best used for pour-over or drip coffee. Medium roasts are ideal for espresso drinks and iced coffees, and typically have a sweeter taste. Dark roasts feature bold and rich notes, which can highlight bittersweet or chocolate flavors. 

Grade of Coffee Beans

With various regions capable of growing different beans, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has a standardized classification system used for categorization. The system works by comparing the number of defective beans to their overall effect on the quality of the cup. The first step is carried out through specifically sized screens where the whole green coffee beans are sorted. The beans are then checked for defects or quakers, which can be under or overripe seeds, and each section, including screens above and below, is weighed before the coffee is roasted and brewed so the characteristics can be further determined.

Grades range from one to five. Grade one represents a specialty and highest grade, and five would be a kind you’d want to avoid. The higher the grade, the fewest quakers and the lower the number of defects. For a benchmark, grocery store coffee is usually a grade three.

Brand Reputation

As you seek to elevate your brand and business with expertly roasted coffee offerings, aligning with a roaster who values their product as much as you will is ideal. By understanding various supply companies well, you’ll be aware of their processes and the quality of wholesale coffee beans they sell. Accolades and awards can help distinguish certain roasters from the rest regarding quality standards and potential customer satisfaction. Since coffee is distinct for every taste palette, you may choose to work with a roaster that does a few roasts well as opposed to a larger company that offers one blend that is simply mediocre. 

In addition to the product, you’ll also want to consider the customer service provided to you as a customer. Specifics will depend on the type of business you own, but generally, they should be highly responsive and supportive of your needs as a client. 


Determining the cost and value of bringing coffee into your company is vital when choosing which coffee supplier to do business with. Perhaps you are unsure of initial ordering totals or require flexibility when ordering so that you can witness how much product you go through before setting a proper budget. Ideally, your wholesale coffee supplier will understand the comparables related to cost and ordering totals based on your industry. They may have a sign-up discount available or reduce costs for brand new clients. 

You will certainly need to take into account the cost of beans, but also consider the necessary equipment to brew a cup of irresistible coffee properly. These specialized machines can be pricey, and you may be left wondering which pieces of equipment you’ll truly need. At ORO Caffè, we believe in servicing all needs of our wholesale customers and stock various tools needed to guarantee the Italian coffee taste and richness that can only be accomplished through unique brewing methods. 


As with any fresh-to-consumer product, location plays an essential role in the distribution of coffee beans. Once roasted, rest time varies for beans depending on if they will be used for espresso or filter coffee. For example, espresso beans should be packaged and shipped promptly. Proximity to your site means reduced shipping times and ensures they don’t lose any of their flavor, olfactories, and oils that form a swirling crema. After the roasting process is complete, many roasters agree that espresso beans must be brewed and consumed within three months, but not before seven days which is when necessary gases are released from the beans. As a result, shipping may need to be expedited to ensure you have enough time to use your beans to their full potential. Filtered coffee use time differs slightly, so you may also source from suppliers locally or with global reach with access to many transporters that can quickly get their products to your business.

Are There Shipping Restrictions?

At ORO Caffè, we ship our exceptionally roasted coffee beans to 42 countries worldwide. We seek to break down the barriers that some companies may have when attempting to implement coffee services within their business. We can provide all the necessary documents to clear customs.

What’s the Turnaround Time?

As mentioned previously, roasted coffee beans used for espresso or filter coffee should be used within three months of roasting to ensure optimal freshness, scents and flavors in each cup. With that said, timeframes will vary based on your specific location. We recommend speaking with our office for a more accurate look at potential turnaround time.

Customer Service

Choosing the right wholesale coffee beans for your business is a decision that involves many factors. What it might boil down to is exceptional customer service. Beyond the product they can deliver, the roaster you choose to work with should be a responsive and supportive addition to your business. This encompasses sharing up-to-date information on your shipments, working with a reputable shipping company, and helping to determine new blends that may impress your customers. Without the support of the brand you are working with, you may struggle with shipments, receive poor communication or none at all. As a result, your business could fail to deliver an exceptional experience and cup of coffee to your customers. 

By clearly establishing the parameters of how and when you would like to be contacted and gauging the reception of your preferred wholesale coffee supplier, you can better estimate their commitment to customer service and if their support will match your needs.

Should You Consider Private Label?

When looking at coffee suppliers for small businesses, some might opt for a private label to bolster their customers’ choices and delight their palettes. Established roasters have their own unique blends that have taken decades to perfect; however, the appeal of something uniquely your own can be enticing. Private label offers you access to high-quality beans and knowledgeable roasters that, when combined, can deliver a blend that is entirely your own. After the initial process is complete, beans are shipped to another facility for packaging purposes and can be marketed or sold as the business owner sees fit.

Depending on your international market, ORO Caffè can help you with private label should you choose to embrace this offering for your small business. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from determining the right olfactories to delivering a swirling crema sure to impress your customers. Our post on private label can help answer any questions you may have. 

Why Oro Caffè is Right for You

Whether coffee is an accompaniment to your other offerings, a convenience you give to your customers or the backbone of your business, deciding on the best wholesale coffee beans is not a decision made lightly. You’ll likely take into account several factors and weigh them accordingly to the choices you have before you. At Oro Caffe, we believe that we hit all the necessary marks to transform your business through our coffee.

Rooted in Italian-style roasting traditions, we have modernized our processes without compromising our heritage. Dedicated to inspecting each batch and blending the beans just so, we have been able to come up with numerous options that delight a wide range of palettes. We source our beans from established and well-known regions throughout South America, Africa, and Asia to ensure we are working with quality from the very beginning. It is this commitment that highlights unique olfactories, acidities, crema, and texture in coffee that is brewed from our process. 

We believe in supporting all aspects of the businesses that work with us. That means providing coffee machines capable of exceptional quality, branded sugar sachets and cups for consistency, and other offerings such as tea and ginseng. When you choose Oro Caffe, you’ll also receive the full support of our team through responsive and dedicated support and customer service. We are uninterested in simply shipping our beans to you without care. We believe in crafting relationships and delivering the results you need to ensure the coffee within your business is a welcome addition, not a second thought.

Sourcing coffee beans for a coffee shop, hotel setting, or restaurant location? Oro Caffè is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our products, offerings, and support. 

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