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How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost?

How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost?

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Coffee is often seen as essential in every office environment. For many, it might be hard to imagine a morning without the perfect cup to awaken your senses and focus your mind. In the workplace, it can be more than just a drink, becoming a conversation starter, and creating a unique culture in your workplace born from bonding over their favorite morning ritual. The scent of a perfect-tasting pot draws you in and is always a welcome sight at any time of day. 

For businesses who need a coffee solution , let’s look at what you should consider when it comes to how much office service coffee can cost. 

Consider the Equipment

When curating your workplace coffee experience, one of the first things you’ll need to worry about is the equipment. It should be accessible, easy to use, and easy to maintain. After all, you want employees to take advantage of this opportunity to brighten their day, not struggle to learn how it works. It should brew a quality tasting cup every time. You might look at unique espresso machines that can foam hot milk in addition to brewing a fresh mug on demand. Sometimes, the tried and true brewing machines can’t be beaten, so ensure you buy one from a quality brand.

Coffee Costs

No two businesses will likely have the same coffee orders or costs. These factors will depend on the number of people in the office, or perhaps you have adopted a policy where not everyone comes in on the same days. This will also help you decide the type of products that are the most suitable to buy. 

For example, if your workplace is smaller or only has a few coffee lovers, it might make sense to strictly order pods rather than grounds. A bustling space might opt ​​for grounds so they can have plenty of coffee readily available. At ORO Caffè, we carry a wide assortment of collections to suit all kinds of needs, from pods to beans and grounds.

What Brands Are the Most Expensive?

Cost depends on the level of quality of the brand you buy from. Some of these choices are more generic, with a simple flavor but less to offer when it comes to depth or olfactories. 

Does Buying in Bulk Help Save Costs?

This depends on where youre buying from. If you choose to purchase directly from a roaster or supplier, they may have a volume discount. You should also take into consideration the shipping costs, plus paying duties depending on where the order is coming from.

What Else Should I Consider?

If you are going to provide coffee for your employees, you should also include the necessities that go along with it so they can make their perfect drink. Creamers, milk, and non-dairy alternatives are all great additions to consider. Those who like their cups sweeter will want sugar sachets to help achieve the taste they love. Tea is a great choice for those who love a warm beverage but maybe not the coffee taste. Mugs, to-go cups, lids, and stirrers are also essential items that can help to complete the experience.

At ORO Caffè, we believe our Italian-style coffee can make your office’s cafe experience a brew above the rest. Our years of traditional roasting allow us to craft the perfect blends, ideal for starting the day or pushing through the afternoon drag. If you are looking for B2B coffee solutions or are wondering how much our office coffee service costs, please reach out to us .

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