Oro Caffè

Oro Caffè: impeccably Roasted Coffee Since 1987

ORO CAFFÈ is an artisanal coffee roasting company producing coffee for the HO.RE.CA. food service sector, born in Udine over 30 years ago thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti.

Oro Caffè

ORO CAFFÈ carefully selects, roasts and blends the best qualities of Arabica in the world to produce over 10 different blends dedicated to bars and restaurants.

About Us

The Italian artisan roastery, located in Tavagnacco – in the province of UDINE – has been distributing overseas since 1989, where as a coffee roaster for bars and restaurants is present in over 40 countries and has a direct branch in Toronto (Canada) and a direct branch in Speyer (Germany).

What We Do

The daily production of artisanal coffee roasting reaches 6 thousand kg of coffee beans, we are coffee suppliers for two thousand bars in Italy.


Since 2009 in the “ORO CAFFÈ Academy”, a complete and in-depth barista training on culture and techniques of coffee preparation is available, with courses in cafeteria and Latte Art.


Our world revolves around Espresso Coffee

We Select Beans in a Special Way

In addition to the range of Espresso blends and single-origin coffees for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, which represents the company’s core business, ORO Caffè includes a vast selection for both home and office: Coffee machines, selections of ground coffee and coffee beans, complementary and courtesy products, merchandising, capsule machines with ORO coffee, and capsules – both ORO Caffè and capsules that are compatible with the main coffee systems on the market – which fully meet the quality standards we strive to achieve to satisfy of our customers.

Do you have

quality coffee?

At ORO Caffè, supporting HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) is a vital part of our business. These operations appreciate our commitment to tradition when it comes to the roasting of our high quality, hand-picked arabica and robusta beans. 



Oro Caffè Around the World

The quality of the ORO Caffè Espresso blends is also appreciated abroad and exports, which now account for as much as 50% of the overall production, are playing an increasingly important part in the company’s turnover.

Le filiali estere

The foreign branch in Toronto

The first foreign branch opened in Toronto in 2014, thanks to the good personal contacts cultivated by Stefano Toppano over the years. The branch is still managed by the youngest daughter of Stefano and Chiara, Ketty. 

The foreign branch in Germany

The new opening of a foreign branch in Germany, ORO CAFFÈ GmbH, is very recent and will allow the company to better control a market that has always been the most important in Europe, where ORO CAFFÈ has been present since it took its first steps on the market, over 30 years ago.


oro caffè nel mondo



A coffee with a Green Heart

We were the first to join the Beyond Fair-Trade project in Italy.

Since 2014 we have been buying Doi Chaang coffee directly from where it originates, cultivated by the ancient AKHA tribe in one of the poorest areas of Thailand. We are the only ones in Italy to market this variety of Arabica coffee, which is among the finest in the world; the result being a truly special blend for Espresso coffee and not just for its rich taste.

As a matter of fact, all the proceeds deriving from the sale of this coffee are directly reinvested by the AKHA tribe to support the living conditions of the local communities. Our commitment is also focused on introducing organic coffee in our product range; an ideal variety for Espresso and Americano, with a sweet and intense flavour and a delicate hint of almond.


The Quality Path

What has always distinguished ORO Caffè is the attention paid to research and selection and the care taken in creating fine coffee blends. The choice has always focused on coffee that has achieved the best ratings, whatever the origin.

ORO Caffè selects the best coffees from around the world to offer the unmistakable flavour of an Italian Espresso made to perfection.



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