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Ethics and environment




Since 2014, we have been part of the Beyond Fair Trade project by purchasing directly from the source Doi Chaang coffee, which is cultivated by the ancient Akha tribe in one of the most impoverished areas of Thailand. We are the only company in Italy to market this Arabica Coffee variety, one of the finest in the world. All the proceeds deriving from the sale of this coffee are directly reinvested by the Akha tribe to support the living conditions of the local communities. Another beautiful ORO Coffee solidarity project concerns the exclusive single-origin Columbia Women Coffee, cultivated by an association of 25 women living in the rural areas of Toledo in Colombia. Their coffee production is not only valuable from a social perspective but also remarkable in the panorama of South American producers, because it is carried out without access to chemical additives and yields an excellent product.

ORO Caffè is also committed to producing Organic Coffee, with a blend of selected beans, Arabica from Brazil as well as Robusta from India, perfect for espresso and americano, with a sweet and intense flavour and a delicate hint of almond.
Equipo de Mujeres Rurales de San Alberto: associazione composta da 25 donne produttrici, tutte residenti nelle aree rurali di Toledo, cittadina del Nord Est della Colombia | Oro Caffè
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state-of-the-art facilities



Since 2009 we have had a photovoltaic system that allows us to produce around 400 kw daily in winter and 800 kw in summer.

At ORO Caffè we use an innovative tailored roasting system. Traditional hot-air roasters force heated air under the coffee beans which immediately exits the screen or perforated plate through the after burner and smokestack.

In our plant, on the other hand, the hot air generated by the methane burner is used again after the first roasting cycle. This not only gives the coffee beans a more intense aroma but also creates an ecological value. By using the same hot air several times, we can save almost 60% of the energy consumption as there is no need to constantly reheat the system.

Furthermore, our system does not require a post-combustion unit (typical of traditional roasters) to treat the smoke, making the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere clearly lower than the norm. We pride ourselves in being able to state that our fine dust emissions are 0.9 mg/m3 where the European limit is 10 mg/m3.

Tostatrice innovativa e creata su misura che permette di risparmiare il 60% di energia | Oro Caffè
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