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Coffee for Restaurants

At ORO Caffè , we consider a good cup of coffee to be one of the most important parts of any day. An aromatic, full-bodied experience can transform dining and relaxation moments into lasting memories, helping to finish off an outstanding restaurant meal in the best way possible. 


The quality of coffee served in restaurants is as imperative as the ingredients they buy. Our roasting origin dates back more than 30 years ago in Udine, and we have since developed our own unique blends by roasting only the finest arabica and robusta beans. Customers will appreciate the exceptional flavors that we know our coffee options deliver, and they will likely be tempted to ask for a second or third cup. Whether it’s the first drink served during the morning rush or the last drink of the night, ORO Caffè beans make the perfect coffee any time, every time.

Coffe beans and cup | Oro Caffè

Wholesale Restaurant Coffee Supplier

As the go-to supplier for more than 2,000 bars in Italy, as well as numerous restaurants and establishments across Europe, we are happy to work with wholesale partners of all sizes. Our roasting process allows us to have a production rate of more than 6000 kilograms per day, keeping up with the demand of all of our customers. Maintaining the quality we are known for is important to us, and so we select only the finest beans for our roasting and blending procedures. The naturally sweet and soft taste these beans offer is a favorite among many coffee lovers, making it a great choice for any restaurant. 

After you receive our products, it is up to your distribution customers to create the coffee their patrons will love. If they are in need of equipment, we offer a carefully curated selection of professional coffee machines and grinders. Coupled with our beans, these powerful tools can change a regular cup of coffee into a unique and special experience. Restaurant staff can effectively transform into baristas, complete with the knowledge and skills needed to craft many different premium coffee beverages.

icona drupa di caffè sull'albero | Oro Caffè
roasted coffee beans on table | Oro Caffè

The Perfect Blend for Restaurant Coffee

Our artisanal roasting process is grounded in tradition, and we transform our arabica and robusta beans into 10 blends for the various palettes of customers. Each evokes a slightly different aroma and taste sure to please coffee connoisseurs or those just looking for a good cup. The different blends also allow for a variety of coffee drinks to be made available on any menu. From the simple espresso to cappuccinos, you can expand your offerings to impress your patrons while knowing you are providing quality with every cup. We know coffee is a compliment to any business, so let the beans your distribution customers use reflect the excellence and standard of food they serve.

Beyond coffee, we also offer complementary products to accompany our blends, including barley and ginseng, to impress the regulars with unique coffee offerings. Tea products are also available, so customers can experience the quality of ORO Caffè in many different ways. Whether a business is looking to expand coffee drink options or wanting to become the talk of town in terms of where to find the best blends, we are confident that our beans will impress and satisfy customers. 

At Oro Caffè, we are passionate about what we do. Bringing our passion into your business means your distribution customers can provide a fresh cup of coffee that meets their unique standards. Whether coffee is a big part of their business or a bit more boiled down to just a few cups a day, our wholesale options can meet their needs. Our 10 blends make it easy to choose the right taste profiles that will be a hit with any company. Contact us to learn more about our wholesale offers.

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